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Not the M'era Luna Blog [15th. Aug, 2008|09:59 am]
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...That comes later.

But for now... Most of you will know how annoyed I am with work. Yes - I'm still here. Every time I tell them I'm quitting, I get tossed a bone, and reminded it's almost Uni-time again... and I go and do some more photos and/or DJing and forget my woes. Recently the annoyance has been too much to bear.

Awhile back, after all the MySpaces and etc were blocked here, our company raised a knock-off in-house version, which was mainly just a preference-generated blurb and picture. We all quickly decided to mock the thing, and I uploaded the picture of me in my Ninja Mask with some guns, and fiddled about with the blurb to read:

'I am myself making the world a more awesome place through the power of my own righteousness.

I am salvation in the midst of darkest depression.

I am heavy weapons and spaceships and cyberpunk awesomeness.

I. Am. Wesforce!'

... Now, months later, I found a package on my desk.

My own personalised little notebook, with all that on the cover, in orange writing on black.

I've been all :) today.

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How to Read Goth Club Flyers; [1st. Aug, 2008|02:39 pm]
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...Nicked from Martin Oldgoth over at the Whitby Forums, who nicked it off an American club type...

See how many you can spot ^^

How to understand club terminology

"All ages" = as if telling someone's age in zombie inspired make up and near dark conditions weren't difficult enough already

"All night long" = or until 2 a.m. when the city's bar closing ordinance kicks in, which ever comes first

"Blisspop" = we made up this genre just to see if you were paying attention to our flyer

"Costume Contest" = be prepared to hear at least three different DJs spin "Everyday is Halloween" and claim they didn't hear it when the other DJs played it

"Dark Alternative" = we have no idea what to call half the songs we're going to play tonight

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Dystopian Shoot [14th. Jul, 2008|01:33 pm]
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[Current Location |Luton Hell]
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[Current Music |Curve - Dog Bone]

Really quite busy weekend - but really quite bloody good too. I'll do a bit of a write-up of all the Deviancy later.

But first these, taken in Luton by my good friend Mr Wilvok, accompanied bygreen_dreads. (more on his LJ)

All feedback gratefully appreciated :)

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4th of July - Smackpunch America Day! [7th. Jul, 2008|07:56 am]
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[Current Music |Curve - Dog Bone]


For which I was to play a set with CyberAndy down at Bedford's Black Planet at The Bear. Prettygood turnout, I though - many thanks to Marna and J for giving a lift to myself, Stephan and Matt. Thanks to the irrepressible Paul, and to The Adenoids, and to everyone else who crawled from the rotten woodwork of ye olde disgusting Bedford towne. I tried to get a bit of metal into the set, because the pub always has a big metal element. Never thought I'd get people headbanging to Curve, but there you go ;) (it's a pretty headbanging song... Check it out). I also tried to eliminate Americans from the playlist altogether (get 'em back for trying to airbrush us out of history in all their war films ;) ), but someone went and requested NIN, so whatcha gonna do...

I ended up playing a bit longer than originally planned, but this is how it went;

Tiamat - Brighter than the Sun
PrO-jekt - Evilution
Die Krupps - Fatherland (Eldritch Mix)
London After Midnight - America's a Fucking Disease (r)
Gothminister - Angel
Rammstein - Amerika (r)
Curve - Dog Bone
Nine Inch Nails - Dead Souls (r)
Tech-Noir - Dying Star
Blutengel - Vampire Romance (mix by Solitary Experiments)
Absurd Minds - Venture Inward
Katscan - Damn You All to Hell
Icon of Coil - Former Self
Bigod 20 - Carpe Diem (Transmission Mix)
And One - Metal Hammer
The Birthday Massacre - To Die For
Team America - America, Fuck Yeah!



Aside from that, life goes on - Did some more photos at the weekend, with a cyber/industrial/urban decay theme, which should be good - still eagerly awaiting the ones I did in London with Benjamin Kaufmann, who is currently somewhere in Botswana. I'm to be at Santa Pod on the 20th of July to be a Gothic Alice in Wonderland - which should be fun. Anyone fancy coming along?

Also: M'era Luna and Infest soon! I cannot wait. Who's coming? :D

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Wesforce - A Space Adventure [15th. May, 2008|06:12 pm]
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[Current Location |Writing Pod One]
[Current Music |Straftanz - Straftanz]

Because I'm too written-out to do a write-up of Leipzig yet!

I escaped from Starbase Wesforce!

I killed Androktone the red-shirted ensign, Mystical Munkee the medibot, Electronaut the tribble, I Diametric I the nutrivend drinks machine, Alterred the tribble, Senor Aies the medibot, Iwilldietonight the engineer, Doctorrdave the medibot, Pandorasighs the engineer and Wgw Egl the engineer.

I salvaged an ALIEN-4800 supercomputer, the Log of the USS Selerox, a Skostrangerian raygun, an akamilithium crystal, the Log of the USS Lil Red Neck, a marylittlegothlithium crystal, an CYBERPUNK-30 phaser, Nova Drzava's commbadge, a Petrol-Bombs screwdriver, a xpq21lithium crystal and 142 galacticredits.

Score: 682

Explore Starbase Wesforce and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own space adventure...
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The Best Birthday Present [2nd. Apr, 2008|12:00 am]
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[Current Music |New Order - True Faith]

I didn't get many presents this year. There was the fridge and the fishcake, a couple of DVDs - all well appreciated, of course.

But nothing can top the sense of justice upon hearing on my birthday that the Sophie Lancaster murderers (or at least two of them) have been found guilty, and can expect to be sentenced appropriately. By appropriately, I mean 'they'll never see daylight or their neanderthal parents again', but I may be hoping for too much. These two, who tried to claim autism, who attacked someone similarly in the same place months before and got let off, who made violence-glorifyng and misogynistic rap videos to put on youtube with government money, who joked with their parents when taken in for questioning by the police, should never be allowed into society again.

But why should we stop there? There are hundreds just like them, the sons and daughters of Margaret Thatcher. They occupy the streets, parks and shopping centres of this once-great country and lay siege to the national psyche, a millstone around our collective necks. They hide behind cheap alcohol, yet their real affliction is stupidity and uneducation. They claim destitution, yet are no less priviledged than anyone in my social circle. They never knew their fathers. I never knew mine, yet I've not murdered anyone.

Lock them up. Lock their parents up. This should be only the beginning.
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The Birthday Week has ended. You will be Remembered! [30th. Mar, 2008|04:36 pm]
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[Current Location |Camden, Islington, Winchester, Luton]
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This is why I don't smile in photos! 

And what a bloody week it was!

So now... The adrenaline of Birthday Week is over.

Bring on the white-knuckled intensity of Post-Birthday Week!

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One Step Closer to TOTAL DOMINATION [1st. Mar, 2008|10:39 pm]
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Allow me to let you in on a little secret.

Not that it's much of a secret to the infinity-loop shaped circle of my inner friends and comrades.

I am writing a game as part of one of my many University tasks. It's a simple game engine, with simple 16-bit style graphics (extensively pixelled, a task for which I gladly gave up all that pointless family rubbish over Christmas) , and rather non-inspired RPG gameplay. BUT! It is the story that will be special about this game (this being a writing course). I am aiming for a large amount of interactivity for an RPG. Multiple diverging plot paths, complex morality-based decisions with realistic repercussions, characters to relate to, ignore, or shoot in the head. Also guns. Lots of guns. Maybe a few sexy tentacle beasts, in honour of Hideo Kojima (Japanese game writer, wrote the Metal Gear series, broke new ground in game-writing, also a complete and unabashed perv).

If all that sounds a bit stupid to you, that's fine. I have however been chosen to represent Creative Writing with it for the University open day on the 8th of March (should anyone want to come along) - so screw you :D



In other news: I might leave my job.
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A Small Update Pertaining to Matters of the Club Known as Antichrist [1st. Mar, 2008|09:15 pm]
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...Which was where we went last night.

An excellent night. Having previously been the the Antichrist before (Sin), I was expecting miles and miles of winding staircases and confusing smoke-and-perv-filled corridors ready to punish my inappropriately high-heeled feet. The event is now held at Torture Garden, which is much easier to navigate, and slightly less full of pervs (big 'no wanking' signs on the front door :) ). There was, I recall, a naked man behind me at the bar, and I threatened his exposed member with a straight-from-the-fridge beer bottle - but 'twas all in good fun!

No bands this time sadly - very disappointing as I was expective to see XP8 again. I also missed most of the shows, except for the very skillful fire woman. Music was one of two main camps: Ear-Bleeding Industrial noise, and general goth/darkwave. 'twas the latter that got my attention, and lo and behold that of dozens of people I've met in various places. morbidfrog gave it large, with commendable gusto. seleroxand black666cat, Dr Dave, [info]marylittlegoth, Gentleman Jim and Maisey from the old Sticks crowd were there as were soozie, Tex and Simon from Luton (and of course Marna, J, Ben, Ash, the crazy pirate-loving girl from Bedford, green_dreads and krying4you, proving that, if any was needed, Luton and Basingstoke are now Goth-Twins, their inhabitants doomed to constantly run into eachother no matter which goth event they attend. I also met a very pretty girl and sometime acquaintance who no longer comes to Coven, who seemed quite approachable, but fell foul to my lack of communicative skills. Can't win 'em all, eh?

Oh and Paul, I met two of your security guard mates there :) Small world!
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For Essi [12th. Dec, 2007|05:52 pm]
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